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What’s life without a sister’s love?

To be honest, I really wouldn’t want to know

because you have been more than a blessing

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You have made me laugh so hard

So hard my belly hurts

each time you make silly jokes

I know sometimes, OH WAIT ALL THE TIME, I get on your nerves

and I truly apologize for that profusely

but I hope you know

that I thank the Lord for you each and every second

As you celebrate your birthday

I have nothing much to offer sadly

Just  a promise

I promise to be an unbearable pain

but I love you anyway…very muchdownloadk





If only you could see

The sadness in my eyes

Everytime I bid you farewell

If only you could hear

The whimper in my heart

Whenever I know you are leaving

If only you could look back

Just once…whenever you walk away

Then you would see

How much it breaks my heart to say goodbye.


I never can tell

If you are gone for good

Or if I will see you again

Or if you will change your mind and stay

All that goes through my mind

Is that you are leaving

And that I hate to say goodbye.


If only you could see

The thrill in my eyes

Every time you reach out for me


If only you could hear

The flutter of my heart

Whenever I stand on my toes to hug you

If only you could see

How content I am

Whenever you are around

Then you will know

That I want you to stay


I never can tell if you are staying for good

Or if you are planning to leave

Or staying for the night

Or maybe for the weekend

All that goes through my mind

Is that I want you to stay

I want you to stay

And we can start with forever

Because I hate to say goodbye


So will you run a mile with me?

Don’t mind me I will catch up with your pace

And if it’s too fast, we may go nice and slow

And when you’re tired

I will be the pace setter.


So will you run a mile with me?

Let’s pump some electricity in our veins

Nothing beats this feeling

It’s astronomical-just us

Nothing between us – not even distanceimagesCA1F4O2N


Will you run a mile with me?




Sometimes I wish you hadn’t spoken

Sometimes I wish you had just kept your pretty mouth shut

Standing right across me, looking so fine it felt wrong

Your clothes fit so well –  like you’d been sewn into them

And I felt the strongest urge to be near you


Sometimes I wish you hadn’t spoken

Sometimes I wish you hadn’t killed my dream

You should have let me enjoy living in it too

Your eyes tore at me, stripping me naked

And I have never felt so vulnerable


Sometimes I wish you hadn’t spoken

Sometimes I wish I had walked away

When you started walking towards me

But my heart was racing so fast

And my feet trembled so much they could hardly hold me


Sometimes I wish you hadn’t spoken

Sometimes I wish I could erase the memory of you

Saying “mlembo nimekusheki arr night”- (beautiful, I have been watching you all night)

Shut up! For Christ’s sake! Shut the hell up! Is all I could think of

And as good as your intentions may have been you just killed my dream.imagesCAZG3B5G



Like boarding a scary rollercoaster

That makes your skin crawl, and so is falling in love

You take a step at a time

As if stepping on pins and thorns

Your heart in your hands

Your eyes wide open with fear

As your body shakes and tingles with alarm.


But deep inside

A flicker of happiness pushes its way forward

Because of the anticipation to close your eyes

As you put your hands up

Screaming your lungs dry

While enjoying the ride


There are ups and downs

But that’s what makes the ride

Boarding it requires trust

Despite the glaring risks

You still take a chance

Because the feeling is worthwhile


And that’s what makes a rollercoaster.


I have no idea what or who I was before you loved me

Everything else before you gazed at me with love is bleak

You gave me a new purpose and

I looked forward to each new day with anticipation

Then you threw it all away

But don’t worry about me am fine …really I am

Because it only hurts when I breathe


Sometimes I hold my breath for as long as I can

Fighting my body with all my might

More often than not it lasts for a few seconds only

But they are seconds of bliss


Seconds which offer me tranquility

Because it only hurts when I breathe


I wish I could reap my heart out

I wish I could wrap it up and send it to charity

With a bow…a red bow or should it be black?

The label would read



And it will only hurt when you breathe



When the sky in my world turns grey

When troubles push me down,

When life strangles me, robbing me of breath,

When I hit a wall, can’t move forward just backwards,

I run to you.


When no one else can stand me,

When I can not stand myself either,

When I have nothing,

When I am lost,

I run to you.


I run to you

When love tears me apart,

When I need a little encouragement

And a part on the back,

When I need a shoulder to cry on

For with you, everything is perfect.


With you everything is perfect

Because you take me for whom I am,

You make feel better

Even at my worst.

Even with a bad hair day

You give me the courage to face the day

I am glad to have you.

stay safe bfffffff

I am glad you are my best friend.




At the first crow of the cock we rose

Chilled to the bone and scared to death

Every step was taken with difficulty

because what awaited us was beyond discussion


No one could cry out – it was a taboo

and at the same time the consequences were very expensive.

You wouldn’t want to be tagged the village coward-would you?

The customary bath at the river motivated one to wish to die instantly

The water was below zero degrees you would say.


As the trail of women sang with joy

Celebrating the initiation to womanhood, I cried my heart out

I loathed this rite of passage.

The old women with sunken eyes, drooping skin, shaky hands

and wicked smiles showing countable teeth stood before us waiting

Waiting and ready to pounce.

The sight of the sharp razors in their shaky hands

sent my heart to my mouth

If death was coming, that would have been perfect timing.


I tried to scream but my throat was dry

No words would come out

I pleaded with my eyes, begging them not to

but tradition must be followed

The pain was unbearable

I bled so much I do not know how I stayed alive

My legs were so weak they wouldn’t carry me

My insides hurt so bad I could not take it

it drained me slowly

it drained me slowly

Then things became blurred and I lost consciousness.