At the first crow of the cock we rose

Chilled to the bone and scared to death

Every step was taken with difficulty

because what awaited us was beyond discussion


No one could cry out – it was a taboo

and at the same time the consequences were very expensive.

You wouldn’t want to be tagged the village coward-would you?

The customary bath at the river motivated one to wish to die instantly

The water was below zero degrees you would say.


As the trail of women sang with joy

Celebrating the initiation to womanhood, I cried my heart out

I loathed this rite of passage.

The old women with sunken eyes, drooping skin, shaky hands

and wicked smiles showing countable teeth stood before us waiting

Waiting and ready to pounce.

The sight of the sharp razors in their shaky hands

sent my heart to my mouth

If death was coming, that would have been perfect timing.


I tried to scream but my throat was dry

No words would come out

I pleaded with my eyes, begging them not to

but tradition must be followed

The pain was unbearable

I bled so much I do not know how I stayed alive

My legs were so weak they wouldn’t carry me

My insides hurt so bad I could not take it

it drained me slowly

it drained me slowly

Then things became blurred and I lost consciousness.



    • Unfortunately some insensitive people still let girls go through this horrific experience in the name of holding on to traditions..I pray we will wake up one day in a time where little girls dont go through suuch horrors


  1. Hw i wish the doers and proponents of this barbaric acts can read this! They bury their heads and feelings in the name of traditions and bravery or more so ” Areal Woman!”


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