When the sky in my world turns grey

When troubles push me down,

When life strangles me, robbing me of breath,

When I hit a wall, can’t move forward just backwards,

I run to you.


When no one else can stand me,

When I can not stand myself either,

When I have nothing,

When I am lost,

I run to you.


I run to you

When love tears me apart,

When I need a little encouragement

And a part on the back,

When I need a shoulder to cry on

For with you, everything is perfect.


With you everything is perfect

Because you take me for whom I am,

You make feel better

Even at my worst.

Even with a bad hair day

You give me the courage to face the day

I am glad to have you.

stay safe bfffffff

I am glad you are my best friend.


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