The day just didn’t seem right

I felt lonely and alone

I looked at the flowers I had bought for you

And a smile escaped my lips


I had it all planned

A nice quiet lunch reservation

Some wine and a lovely late night walk

But I guess I missed a spot




The clock ticked seconds into minutes

Minutes to hours

And still no word from you

The beautiful red petals started withering

The reservation cancelled due to demand

The mouth watering white chocolate

Melted due to the high temperatures


Dressed to kill as they say

In a short red dress with stilettos

And my hair down because you like it that way

I looked forward to seeing you


I got worried wondering where you could be

I wanted to try at the police station but that’s too dramatic

Or at the mortuary but that’s too pessimistic

I ran helter skelter my heart thumping with fear


I prayed for as long as I can remember

Begging God to spare your life

Even long enough for me to tell you how much I loved you

True life isn’t fair

But surely heaven could wait just one more night


As I ran towards your house

I focused on the good times we had

And the thought of being in your arms pushed me on

I opened the door and headed straight for the bedroom

And there you were in another woman’s arms.


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