Have you ever been in love? Have you ever felt like nothing else mattered anyway? Have you ever  felt your heart swell so much with happiness you could feel like you were floating as your feet become lighter and lighter?

Being in love is the best feeling one can ever feel. It is better than orgasm (S) during sex, better than the high of doing drugs, better than the adrenaline rush one gets while driving a sports car at high speed or riding a rollercoaster and even better than the feeling you get when holding a new pair of  #louboutin shoes! When in love the world seems like a better place, no more pain, no more heartbreaks, no more disappointments, no more hunger, no more sickness, no more terrorism, no more unrests like what’s being experienced in Ukraine, a better world for us and our children’s’ children.

When you embrace that one person who not only means the world to you but is also your world, it is like you are the only ones present in that moment. You close your eyes so hard willing for that moment to last a little bit longer. “Just one more minute”, you whisper. One more teeny tiny minute to feel their skin against yours, one more minute to smell their alluring sexy odour on you,  one more minute to taste the strawberry on their lusty chewable lips, one more minute to feel them way deep in your insides until your legs tremble with pleasure, one more minute just one more minute to feel alive.

The problem is that you might end up losing yourself in them but still the look in their eyes when they see you is worth it. Knowing that someone loves you immensely and is terrified of losing you is a pretty scary feeling and you tiptoe around afraid of breaking their heart but go on take a leap of faith – fall in love.


8 thoughts on “BEEN IN LOVE YET?

  1. I believe in love and trust me is a beautiful feeling esp when you find that one who makes your heart race even faster, you skill trickle sweat like water, keeps your thoughts wondering when you shall met next…when you start having those kinds of feelings then you know your there. And when it starts just hold on so tight and don’t let go.


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