What use are friends if they cannot support your endeavors? When growing up, am sure my father not only wanted a son but he also wanted me to be an engineer or a doctor. You can imagine his shock and utter disappointment when all he got was a struggling writer.He completely pretends am something else and my mother, well my mother always thinks whatever I write is either plagiarized or borrowed because she doesn’t believe that I can actually be creative. What with my clumsiness, laziness, forgetfulness, never willing to do house chores or even course works until the last minute (I believe her list is much longer) – how can creativity come from such a being? She keeps wondering.          images (9)  

The people who know me better – read my friends, don’t care or rather they are too busy reading gossip blogs as they want to keep up with whatever it is the #Kardashian family is up to. Sometimes am glad they don’t read my blog because that gives me a chance to talk about them like I am doing right now but what is the use of bad mouthing someone if they cannot hear or read your ranting?

That takes all the fun out of it so today I am going to make sure they all know how I feel about their sadistic selves. As my friend you should make a point of even reminding me that I need to update my blog because you have missed my lovely posts. You should be the first to post on my posts no matter how silly you think my point of view may be. After reading them posts you should immediately share them to all your other friends – even the ones I don’t like – and let them know how talented I am, of course you should mention that they need to share their newly acquired knowledge from yours truly to their friends’ friends.untitledh

I know, it sure sucks to be my friend but that is not even the bad news. The bad news is that you are stuck with me and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.



  1. At least one thing my family knows is that yes I am creative. They come to me for poems on anniversaries, funerals etc. But that has not changed the fact that they think I am lazy and stubborn. Hell I have the same qualities as you. When it hits 7pm I feel my energy rise and start doing chores that were to be done that morning. Sometimes I even eat breakfast then. I am my mother’s joy and pain. But I know she loves me. Friends on the other hand. I am choosy and picky as hell. So the one’s who appreciate my art, I consider more real than the rest. I know, petty way to choose but funny thing, I don’t want a lady who is creative in the same way as me. For then she would not be fascinated in my art and I in hers. Losing myself here Brenda. Hope to be back here again. Work kills our time.


    • Edwin, be glad they do but at the moment am indifferent about mine on this issue and am glad because my mum would ask for poem even for those women she dislikes.wwwwwwoooh hold on, you don’t want to date a creative? why is that? I think (normal) people i.e those who are not creative lead a boring life. They may call us weird but I like being weird and I don’t mind you losing yourself here. Even if you would like to do a guest post be my guest ( pun intended)

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  2. Hey gal, kudos! Dint know u’re a writer..I criously envy you. I love ur creative & u’re truly blessed. Kip goin coz u neva know & u might be the nxt Lupita!


  3. To answer your Moms, creativity has no rules. That’s it’s pure beauty. It cannot be tamed by parents and logic. It can come from a physics teacher or a bum on the street.
    And for you – if you think you need a strong heart for love, you need an unbreakable one to be creative because of all the naysayers you will meet. The secret is to keep at it. Many creatives are ignored by family and friends until the world starts to take notice…what’s that saying…a prophet is never recognized in his own land? – I’m paraphrasing there, but you get the drift. Just keep doing it.


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