When I was a little girl, growing up in the beautiful planes of Kenya. They  do say home is where the heart is and even as I am miles away Kenya will always be a home to me and right now I miss its sunshine and the food – am salivating just by the thought of it. Anyway I went to school in a fishy named institution and every Friday we would have these inspirational talks to help us make better decisions according to them. The topics would range from sex education, drug abuse, how to carry yourself as a lady, manners and so on. One talk that I will never forget is on SMOKING.

It is not that the speaker made an impeccable speech or anything, actually it is quite the opposite. He wasn’t eloquent by a long shot. He had trouble pronouncing almost each and very word owing to his mother tongue effect and boy did we find that amusing. We would laugh so heartily- beauty  and perks of being young and care free. He had this weird mix and match suit that was always too wrinkled, his trousers never touched his ankles, he always wore socks that were of different colours and one was always longer than the other. His hair was always combed backwards but you could clearly see the struggle he had gone through to make that possible.

In his hands he always carried a poster, smoking-logothis poster.

Well, I don’t know about you but this just did it for me. Every time I thought of smoking, this picture would literally pop into my mind and just as fast as I had picked the cigarette I would drop it and practically close my eyes willing the picture of that mutilated being to go away. You can imagine me, wrapped like a ball in a corner, eyes closed “go away, please go away”, I would earnestly  beg.

Maybe that scruffy man did me a favour or maybe I should sue him for the torment this picture has been putting me trough all these years. A friend of mine called Mike told me that smoking makes one look sexy and that a woman holding a cigarette looks feisty…now who wouldn’t want to send all those signals to the one they like and even passer – bys just because they can?

I know I would but Mike,  we will never find out because that picture, that picture is like my sponsor haha.

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