Funny how easy it is for people to notice when you stop taking in the bullshit they throw at you day in day out. They always assume you will always be there patiently waiting for the breadcrumbs they call love. You love them even when they are pretty nasty to you. You hold on to the little they offer while giving them your all oh and when your friends are on your case as to why you are selling yourself cheap, you jump in to make excuses for them.


Sucks that you never saw all that I did for you, sucks that you broke my heart over and over and over again, sucks that I took you back each time you realized the grass wasn’t all that greener, sucks that I believed each time will be different or better, sucks that I was just an option to you, pretty much  sucks that I wasted so much time building my life around you but you know what, it sucks to be you right now.

You say I have changed, You say I don’t care any more, you say am more than cold and indifferent when it comes to you and that you wish I could go back to the way I was. But I don’t want to be a fool…never again.

You made me this way. I was so optimistic about everything, I loved and I gave love but you made me build this walls to guard my heart, you made me wary of everyone even the ones with good intentions, you made me shy away back to my cocoon, you condemned me to a lifetime of picking up the little pieces that you tumbled on each time you broke my heart to oblivion. It will never be perfect but I will painfully mend my broken heart, I will tirelessly pick up the pieces and smile even though it hurts so freaking bad…I will smile because as much as you broke me, it sure sucks to be youimagesg


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