She curled up in her bed, her tiny knees up on her chin. She held herself so tight trying to stop the tears from wetting her pillow but the more she tried to stop the more she cried a river. Looking at her, I ached to pick her up and assure her that she will be just fine. I desperately wanted to tell her that the pain will go away…not just yet but eventually though.


She was just a child, young and innocent with the whole world before her. Just like every little girl, her world was full of happiness and she took in everything with a keen look. She led a colorful life full of laughter and hope but he took all that away from her. How could he? How could he defile such a delicate flower? She tried to call out, she screamed her lungs soar for someone… anyone to come to her rescue but no one did, no one could hear her.

He tore into her insides while her little hands tried with no avail to push his body away. The more she fought the more he laughed hysterically while saying how much he loved the feisty ones! Poor little girl, the pain…oh the pain. It shot throughout her numbing every sense but pain. The excruciating pain grew with each and every passing second that he crushed her. She literally begged death to come. She just wanted to die as she could not take the pain anymore.

She cried and begged. “Oh God please please please help me” , she willed. She lost consciousness as her frail little body gave up on her and when she regained consciousness, he hurt her over and over and over again.

It was like a nightmare that had come to life and it still haunts her to date. Maybe one day she will be free but for now she battles her demons


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