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Today I packed my bags

And no, I was not going for holiday

Although I wish I were

As it had been a while since we went for a holiday

I could not wait for you to come back

Because one look at you would have made me crawl back


I packed everything, everything except two things

That big teddy bear that you brought home

Am sure most girls would cry buckets of joy

When they are offered those cuddly fluffy things

But not me, I always felt like choking it or cutting it into pieces


The other thing I didn’t pack was the house keys

When we moved into that lovely house and made it a home

It was the best feeling, a feeling of new beginnings

And we took every second to make it better

But it was time to leave all that behind

And leaving the keys meant I wasn’t coming back


I am so sorry if my departure will leave you distraught

But I lost myself in you as time passed by

Everything revolved around you

And it was about time I found me again