When I think of ways that I can tell you how happy you make me

I simply cannot find the right words

Because all the words available seem to fall short

You have brought happiness in my life

More joy than I could ever imagine possible

And for lack of better words I am going to settle for

Asante mpenzi


We may seem so different but at the end of the day

What we believe in and stand for are so similar

You make me laugh even at my worst moments

And you are always ready to pick me up when am down

I may not be perfect and you may have your own shortcomings

But together we are amazing

Together we are the A team


Every second that we spend apart

Is a second I spend missing you

We may be miles apart

But whenever I close my eyes I can feel you near

And I can imagine your arms around me

Shielding me away from all harm

Asante Mpenzi

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