The journeys we make in life are quite unending

Always rushing from one place to another

Trying to achieve something before a day’s ending

And more often than not

You end up feeling like you been run over by a truck, bending



But this is a journey I am embarking on with excitement

For I know, I am not alone

You are always there with a smile of encouragement

Even as we travel on this road together

Not entirely sure of where this path will lead us.


I know we have both made this journey before

Using different paths that may have been full of strain

And their own share of pain

And I can not promise you much

Only that I will hold your hand and be by your side


That may not be enough to make this journey worthwhile

And we are bound to face challenges on the way

More so that you may feel like giving up

But these rocky patches will make us stronger

And one day we will look back and be glad we made this journey…together




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