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When you are tired, I love to cuddle you tight and rub your back

While gently stroking your head as I hum a lullaby;

We don’t have to make conversation

As being in each others arms, our bodies do all the talking


When you fall asleep, I like to watch your pretty face

I love the rhythm of which your chest rises and falls

I love how you hold me even tighter when you get startled while dreaming

Or how you give me butterfly kisses in the middle of the night 


When you are away from me, I close my eyes so I can feel you near

I can taste your soft luscious lips on mine

I can recall the feeling of your skin against mine, gives me shivers all the time

I can smell you on me and feel your warm breath against my cheek

Reading all this you will probably say I’m crazy…well

I’m crazy about you baby






If only,

If only time was our friend

then we could have this beautiful moment forever and always

If only I knew the best words to say

then I would tell you how you make me feel

If only you could see yourself through my eyes

then you would see how beautiful you are


If only,

If only you weren’t afraid of breaking down the walls

Then I wouldn’t have to climb over them just to get to you

If only you could take a leap of faith and open your heart

then you would experience the joy and other perils of love

If only I were perfect and so was life

then I would promise that it won’t hurt


But sadly I’m not and sometimes life is cruel

So it’s gonna hurt pretty bad

It’s gonna tear you apart and break your will

It might even drive you to the edge

But I promise I will be there beside you all the way

and you will never be alone


I can still recall the day you approached me like it was yesterday

You looked my way and stared straight at me

with such intrigue like you were studying a rare creature

And then you smiled…

I can still feel how your smile warmed my insides

And I couldn’t understand why

but it felt like it was just the two of us in that room

no one or nothing else mattered.



I can still recall how the longing in your eyes made me shiver

and when you ran your hands through my back

down to my ass and pulled me close, I froze

You stared straight into my eyes, watching me closely

desperately waiting for a sign to nudge you on

panting, watching, begging with your eyes

and when I finally parted my lips

You leaned even closer and kissed me passionately,

full of desire, breath takingly left me wanting more



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Tanya's Taste


This goes out to all the music lovers 😍

Soo, all of you who know me personally know that I am ADDICTED to music! I was blessed to grow up with a family that was musically inclined; My father was and still is an amazing singer and plays the bass guitar, he still sings from time to time because it’s always been his passion he loves being on stage and it always makes me so proud to watch him sing. Amazingly my beautiful sisters sing too!!! l always wish i could sing like them. On the other hand My uncle has a jazz band and was lucky enough to perform in Rome, for the Pope ! pretty blessed huh?! as for me … I’ve always wanted to be a DJ and learn how to mix music. It has always been something I was into, even my family and friends think…

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Sometimes I pinch myself

So as to convince myself

That this is not just a dream

Because when I see your face

my heart beats faster

and I cant help but smile


Sometimes I close my eyes so tight

Trying to hold on to slippery flickering moments

I can never forget the feeling

of your tongue slowly gliding all over me

Or the taste of your lips on mine

Both which make me moan with pleasure endlessly


Sometimes when you hold me close

and I can feel your heart beat against mine

I wish you could squeeze tighter so that it can last longer

Because with you, life is worth living



When I think about the future, I get petrified

I don’t know what tomorrow holds

and I am not sure about today either

But right now, at this very moment

all I want and all I need is you

I know you are scared, am scared too

but together you and I

We can figure it out

As every moment spent with you

is pure magical

And when you are not with me

I desire for you immensely