I can still recall the day you approached me like it was yesterday

You looked my way and stared straight at me

with such intrigue like you were studying a rare creature

And then you smiled…

I can still feel how your smile warmed my insides

And I couldn’t understand why

but it felt like it was just the two of us in that room

no one or nothing else mattered.



I can still recall how the longing in your eyes made me shiver

and when you ran your hands through my back

down to my ass and pulled me close, I froze

You stared straight into my eyes, watching me closely

desperately waiting for a sign to nudge you on

panting, watching, begging with your eyes

and when I finally parted my lips

You leaned even closer and kissed me passionately,

full of desire, breath takingly left me wanting more




2 thoughts on “GIVE ME MORE

    • Mr. Su the power to attract someone else whether the opposite sex or same sex is something that eludes me till date but I conquer on the fact that sometimes it is quite difficult to maintain that pull which always is what keeps relationships together


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