If only,

If only time was our friend

then we could have this beautiful moment forever and always

If only I knew the best words to say

then I would tell you how you make me feel

If only you could see yourself through my eyes

then you would see how beautiful you are


If only,

If only you weren’t afraid of breaking down the walls

Then I wouldn’t have to climb over them just to get to you

If only you could take a leap of faith and open your heart

then you would experience the joy and other perils of love

If only I were perfect and so was life

then I would promise that it won’t hurt


But sadly I’m not and sometimes life is cruel

So it’s gonna hurt pretty bad

It’s gonna tear you apart and break your will

It might even drive you to the edge

But I promise I will be there beside you all the way

and you will never be alone

2 thoughts on “I AM HERE, ALWAYS

  1. hmmm, why things must be so complex, why can’t we have it smooth… ??
    why hearts never learn, always take risks and gamble…?
    why love and hate are so close together…? pain and joy, two mates…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mr. Su if we have things on a silver platter more often than not we do not treasure them and that is why I guess everything good has its ups and downs and when its worth fighting for then it is real. About gambling, we always need to take risks because otherwise we never get to actually live and in my opinion love goes hand in hand with pain and so does pleasure


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