When you are tired, I love to cuddle you tight and rub your back

While gently stroking your head as I hum a lullaby;

We don’t have to make conversation

As being in each others arms, our bodies do all the talking


When you fall asleep, I like to watch your pretty face

I love the rhythm of which your chest rises and falls

I love how you hold me even tighter when you get startled while dreaming

Or how you give me butterfly kisses in the middle of the night 


When you are away from me, I close my eyes so I can feel you near

I can taste your soft luscious lips on mine

I can recall the feeling of your skin against mine, gives me shivers all the time

I can smell you on me and feel your warm breath against my cheek

Reading all this you will probably say I’m crazy…well

I’m crazy about you baby

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