When I close my eyes and visualize you

I get shivers, a good kind of shivers

I imagine how I love taking my time with you

Exploring every aspect of your body

Over and over and over and over again!

I can feel your taste on my lips

and the urge I usually get to pull you closer

My oh my the things you make me feel


I run my hands softly on your beautiful face

and outline your succulent lips

as I whisper in your ears how much I want you

You moan gently in agreement, making me want  you more

I bite your neck gently just the way you like

and lick you slowly down to your plum breasts


My heart beats faster as I put your nipple in my mouth

While I rub the other with my hand

Then I play with the other with my tongue

and you reward me with a whimper of pleasure

I continue my exploration down to your stomach

By now you are practically nudging me to go lower

But I tease you longer making you beg even more


I kiss the insides of your thighs

and circle around your beautiful flower

I can tell you’d missed me as you are already wet…I like that

When I finally run my tongue up and down inside you

You can’t help but cry out and dig your nails into me


I bury my tongue dipper…damn you taste so good

I continue licking following your body’s rhythm

but always stopping when you are almost there

you beg me not to stop

and when I finally drive you to the edge

You cum so hard it hurts

and I hold you tight till your body stops trembling

and we start all over again


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