Do you see her when you look at me?

Do you wish it were her arms around you when I hold you?

Do you hate my voice and wish you had a mute button

Or that it were hers you hear instead of mine?

Do you close your eyes and wish she were next to you

every time you turn and it is just me laying beside you?


When we go out, do you relive your dates with her?

Is your favourite restaurant actually hers

and that you only take me there wishing you will bump into her?

Or do we sit at her favourite table by the window 

and you spend the whole night remembering the times she were there?



Do you tell me jokes you used to tell her

and when I don’t laugh like she used to, do you get sad?

Do you call me names you used to call her

and silently moan her name when we make love?

Do you wish I were good a kisser like her

and that I would touch you in ways that only she did?


Do you like my hair straight

Or did you tell me to do it like so because it’s how she liked hers?

Do you not introduce me to your friends

because I’m not as worthy as her?

Do you wish she would take you back?


It should be me putting that sexy smile on your beautiful face

It should be me you think of me when you are lonesome

It should be me who drives you crazy because I give you good loving

It should be me you look at and see a future

It should be me as…as it sucks to always be in her shadows



6 thoughts on “IN HER SHADOWS

  1. The poem is evocative, but I’ll just say–if you’re actually dating someone who makes you feel this way, it’s time to ditch.

    The one for you will be all about the two of you, not obsessed with a ghost.

    Don’t get suckered into a surface relationship. It’s better to date no one than to be attached to a person who doesn’t put you first. Besides, if you’re dating the crappy guy and prince charming happens along, then what? A truly smart guy isn’t going to go for a girl who breaks-up-with-current-guy-to-go-for-new-guy, because she’s just as likely to do the same to him.

    Hopefully, you’re just a great writer.


    • Casey, many thanks for the comment and for reading my blog ofcourse. Fortunately I just put myself in that context but after I finished writing it I did pray hard that no one will ever make me feel that way because it is a very heartbreaking feeling, isn’t it?



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