Meeting you was by chance but I’m glad our paths collided

I was immediately intrigued when I met you

You were a sight to behold, one that confused my brain

A beautiful distraction I must admit

How you carried yourself was refreshing

and I couldn’t help but wish to know you better

and my hope blossomed till I was next to you


You were and still are very different

That’s what I love about you

The way you go out of your way to make others comfortable and happy

The way I fit perfectly in your arms

Or the way you make stupid remarks just to make me smile

The way you say some words

and I make you say them over and over again because It’s cute

Or the way you get in touch with me just to know if I am okay

This is just but part of the list of the things I love about you


You and I make the craziest team of the crazies

But an amazing team nonetheless

and I hope you know that I am always here for you

Through the good, the bad and the ugly am here

and I am going to spend every grain of sand of time being grateful

Being grateful of the fateful day that our wishes collided

Being grateful of the thousand splendid sunsets we are going to share

8 thoughts on “YOU ARE MY KINDA CRAZY

      • You’re welcome. It was so beautiful and so inspiring. :’) Whenever I write poetry, it isn’t really like that, you know, with my teenage mindset and everything. All my poetry rhymes and doesn’t flow as well. But yours is just so… for lack of words, beautiful.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I read your work and I gotta say I was and still am impressed.. No doubt I will drop in again, unannounced I have to warn you though haha.. The teenage mindset is the best when writing so utilise it.. I stopped trying to make my poetry rhyme so as long as the ideas flow all is well for me.. Thanks again


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