If I had a boom box

I would play it loud outside your house

As I shout without a trace of care in the world

For everyone and anyone to hear

Of how happy you make me

And of how I am hopelessly crazy about you

If I had all the colours in the world

I would paint each and every corner

Just to show all and sundry

That you are the reason behind my smile

Because I am grateful to have you

If I could climb the tallest mountain

Or swim through the vast waters

Run after the fastest creature

Or walk through the unending desserts

I would, just for you

So you could see that I mean it when I say,

That I want and need you in my life

One thought on “FOR YOU I WOULD

  1. Okay. This is serious. Did you write this song by yourself? If so, can you sing? If so, do you have a youtube channel? If so, go post a video of you singing this beautiful inspiring song! What I’m trying to say is that this song is so beautiful, we can all enjoy it without anyone singing it, but if you sing it, it would be phenomenal. 🙂


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