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Have you ever loved a woman…

Have you ever loved a woman till nothing else matters

Have you ever loved a woman

who makes your world look so beautiful

till sadness becomes a thing of the past

Have you ever loved a woman whose smile brightens every corner

You can’t help but shed a tear of joy every time you think of her




The pain you feel when you are fighting threatens to break you

The joy you feel when you see her makes you think you can fly

The emptiness you feel when she is away is lonesome

The desire you feel when you think of her is out of this world

The need you get to protect her comes naturally

The want you feel to take care of her every need she has is insurmountable

The feeling you get when she is in your arms is indescribable




You talk about her all the time as you can’t help it

You wish she were next to you every moment

You call out her name even when she isn’t around

You sigh when you can smell her on you

You reach out to her in bed even though she isn’t there

You dream of a better future because you know she will be in it

Because that’s how it feels to love a woman



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I don’t know who you are

But it doesn’t really matter

I don’t know where you are going

But I really don’t care

As long as you take me away

Far, FAR away from here

While you are at it

Please don’t make any pit stops

Till we are far away

As I don’t want to think of any memories I made in this town

I just need you to make it stop

Please, please, please make it stop

I have no idea how much longer I can hold on

The pain is too much I cannot withstand it

It hurts so bad that it forces me to my knees

If I could, I would pull this heart right out

Because It not only hurts so much

But it also hurts with every breathe I take

And if you can’t make it stop

At least help me forget



For how long are we going to play this heartbreaking game?

I cannot keep the door open any longer

In the hope that you will come back sooner than later.

I cannot suffer any more because of you

While you claim to be trying to finding yourself

in Ann, Eve, Chantelle, Angie and Faith or is it Flora.

For how long will this stupid thing beat for you?

I try to keep it distracted with pain

So it can be too pre – occupied for you

Therefore I perform self – distracting activities

And when that doesn’t work

I embrace my dearest friends alcohol and drugs

Who dutifully make me numb

Numb is good, numb is bliss

But numb wears off and I am overwhelmed

As all the emotions I had tried to evade

Come rushing down like a broken water well

And right there and then

I’m drowned



Many a times I have tried to mask my pain

I say ‘my’ because I have owned the pain

I tried to run away from it

Thought if I ran as fast as I could then I wouldn’t feel a thing

But then with every increased heart rate

I felt like someone was breaking every single bone inside me


How can someone I love so dearly and intensely

Hurt me so gravely without a care

I just want to run away

Run away to a world where no one knows me

My heart bleeds profusely

I might run out of band aids soon

As the bleeding doesn’t seem to be subsidising

Somebody save me…anyone, please


I don’t want to feel this way anymore

But I’m afraid if I let go of this pain

I might lose her; I don’t want to lose her

I refuse to lose her…no I am petrified of losing her

As she means the world to me

Besides, how will I live without her

Love is all about exposing yourself to a possibility of being hurt and broken

Mama used to tell me

What she didn’t tell me

Was how to live with the excruciating pain



I wish you could see what I see when I look at you

You have the most beautiful heart I have ever come across

The kindest eyes full of empathy

The warmest smile that brightens anyone’s day

The sweetest face that could make anyone hopeful

Not forgetting the fiery hair that complements your spirit



Each and every single person has a flaw

But darling yours make you perfect

It’s cute that you don’t realize how beautiful you are

Because then it gives me the pleasure

The pleasure of reminding you every single day



Smile and walk with your chin up high

Because you are fearless and unique

I smile whenever I look at you

Because you are not only beautiful

But you see beauty in others

That, that makes you perfect