Many a times I have tried to mask my pain

I say ‘my’ because I have owned the pain

I tried to run away from it

Thought if I ran as fast as I could then I wouldn’t feel a thing

But then with every increased heart rate

I felt like someone was breaking every single bone inside me


How can someone I love so dearly and intensely

Hurt me so gravely without a care

I just want to run away

Run away to a world where no one knows me

My heart bleeds profusely

I might run out of band aids soon

As the bleeding doesn’t seem to be subsidising

Somebody save me…anyone, please


I don’t want to feel this way anymore

But I’m afraid if I let go of this pain

I might lose her; I don’t want to lose her

I refuse to lose her…no I am petrified of losing her

As she means the world to me

Besides, how will I live without her

Love is all about exposing yourself to a possibility of being hurt and broken

Mama used to tell me

What she didn’t tell me

Was how to live with the excruciating pain

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