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Have you ever loved a woman…

Have you ever loved a woman till nothing else matters

Have you ever loved a woman

who makes your world look so beautiful

till sadness becomes a thing of the past

Have you ever loved a woman whose smile brightens every corner

You can’t help but shed a tear of joy every time you think of her




The pain you feel when you are fighting threatens to break you

The joy you feel when you see her makes you think you can fly

The emptiness you feel when she is away is lonesome

The desire you feel when you think of her is out of this world

The need you get to protect her comes naturally

The want you feel to take care of her every need she has is insurmountable

The feeling you get when she is in your arms is indescribable




You talk about her all the time as you can’t help it

You wish she were next to you every moment

You call out her name even when she isn’t around

You sigh when you can smell her on you

You reach out to her in bed even though she isn’t there

You dream of a better future because you know she will be in it

Because that’s how it feels to love a woman


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