Archive | January 2015


I have no idea why of all the girls that you could possibly have

Why you chose me

You say you see the beauty in me

A beauty that surpasses my physique

A beauty that entices both your intellect and body

and that my eyes show you a future

A future you’d do anything to be part of


To you I am the poem and not the poet

and with no doubt that is a priceless feeling

A feeling that puts a smile on my lips

You love it when I smile

Makes everything feel warmer and brighter you say

A feeling that makes it worthwhile to face life’s trials

Because I know you are there to make it all better

A feeling that makes my insides burn with passion

A passion that can only be quenched by you


I remember when all I could think of was pain

A pain that always cut right through me

Deep enough to make my heart bleed

But never deep enough to put me out of my misery

A pain that tore me everyday like it was on a timer

A pain that grew to be part of me

A part of me that died because of all the numbness

But you, you make me feel alive again


I can’t promise you a lifetime

I have come to know too well that forever never lasts

And so I can promise to love you with all that I am

For as long as life permits me

A love so strong because you deserve that and more

A love that will hopefully thrive

and when the time comes

A love that will hold our little family together

A love that will bind us for eternity