Archive | March 2015


“Let it be real…let it be real…please let him be real”

I remember saying those words with my eyes tightly shut

My hands clasped together till they hurt

and my heart beating like a race

then I saw your perfectly radiant face

with a smirk that made my heart swell

and a face that assured me that everything will be well


Still baffles me how we got along like two old souls

dancing away in the darkest moonlight like owls

With nothing to worry about but that precise moment, in which we were all that mattered


I am not certain of what will become of you and I

But when we lie down and I can hear and feel your heart beat against mine

together in sync like beats to a song that only you and I know

In that moment, that elusive moment I am certain that are all I need


When I look at you I see possibities

Even though I have no expectations

Even though I will never be what you lost as I can never be her

I do not plan on making you pay for past mistakes either

For I want to experience the story of you and I

One step at a time

Because when I picture myself is always with you