I recently started working with a team of brilliant minds who have helped me come up with the fashion segment for the blog. Ko Ko Zin  of Part Of My Life-kozinphotography  and  Anuroop Sobanan of ACS Photography have amazing talent behind the cameras and as you will acknowledge their pictures are so expressive its surreal, Dakore  is the beautiful model who also helps me with research and not forgetting Oneal Oliver and  Kekeli Doe-Williams the male models. I hope the team and I will not disappoint at any point.

Casual wear does not have to be boring, you can hang out with your friends over a boring movie and still have a boom pow look                                     IMG_1579    . RULE NO. 1 Pair your denim pencil skirt with a smile, trust me it always works wonders so go ahead and flash them grinders. Who knows, maybe that cute guy next to you is anxiously waiting for you to do so!!!!!!

10638001_10152202581036793_1549327222_n     IMG_1672RULE NO 2.THE BRIGHTER THE COLOURS THE BETTER. Whoever said pink is for babies was afraid of looking glamorous lol. Pair your jeans with your favourite colours but ensure they work with your skin tone or else you might end up looking like the traffic lights and confuse people!!

10647404_10152202575526793_1563301020_o  IMG_1596 IMG_1583RULE NO. 3 CHILL OUT GLAMOROUS Just because you are a coach potato for the day doesn’t mean you spend the whole time in pyjamas, what if the sexy neighbour comes to borrow your wifi password????

10656488_10152202563881793_2052448139_nRULE NO.4 SHOW SOME SKIN take advantage of the weather and flaunt your legs, they do say if you know you have great assets flash it girl but ensure you have shaved as no one wants to see unruly hair and remember too much does not mean sexy.

10419466_290723181101121_5923337782680232102_n If you have a chest you are proud of, give the girls a show 10419466_290723181101121_5923337782680232102_n

10658447_10152202603101793_1721016943_o   10450289_322201337953305_5798782139873421503_o IMG_1620RULE NO. 5 BE CONFIDENT Walk tall and don’t drag your feet while sashaying and just because you are enjoying the looks from onlookers doesn’t mean you forget to watch your steps because others you will trip while trying Naomi Campbell’s walk and the embarrassment will live with you for a very long tormenting time.

photo                          10354233_297307803775992_8379623074391692127_n      photo (1)         10336653_290723211101118_2695006517202667844_n      RULE NOI. 6 ACT LIKE A BOSS  even if you are waiting for the train or just counting the seconds away as the day passes by do so like a boss as you might just be lucky and the damsel in distress trying to find the right platform for her train might just give you her number!!!!

More fashion stuff next week and feel free to leave reviews and views and any requests. Till next time, LOOK GLAM