Putting words on paper

Has always been second nature

But with you and a future

So strong, true not obscure

To lose is despair.


I want to profess

You and I, perfect mess

You treat me like a princess

But expect less

And for that I obsess.


I am but a plain Jane

With a heart tearstained

But with every beat

To you to be true

Never to make you blue.


In your arms, I am safe

In your thoughts, I reside

In your heart, I am home

In your actions, I reflect

By your side, I reign.






I still get butterflies whenever I see you

My heart beats faster almost as if it wants to jump out of my chest

I can feel my cheeks getting warmer

My eyes becoming watery

And my longing for you getting stronger


More often than not I try to hide my face

So you cannot see me blush

Or the yearning desire thrusting through my eyes

But I always fail miserably

Because once you’re near and you embrace me

You can feel the pounding of my heart

The craving in my eyes and the warmth on my cheeks


In your arms I feel safe

In your arms I am content

In your arms nothing else matters

In your arms I feel like I am in heaven

Because you are my haven



Do you see her when you look at me?

Do you wish it were her arms around you when I hold you?

Do you hate my voice and wish you had a mute button

Or that it were hers you hear instead of mine?

Do you close your eyes and wish she were next to you

every time you turn and it is just me laying beside you?


When we go out, do you relive your dates with her?

Is your favourite restaurant actually hers

and that you only take me there wishing you will bump into her?

Or do we sit at her favourite table by the window 

and you spend the whole night remembering the times she were there?



Do you tell me jokes you used to tell her

and when I don’t laugh like she used to, do you get sad?

Do you call me names you used to call her

and silently moan her name when we make love?

Do you wish I were good a kisser like her

and that I would touch you in ways that only she did?


Do you like my hair straight

Or did you tell me to do it like so because it’s how she liked hers?

Do you not introduce me to your friends

because I’m not as worthy as her?

Do you wish she would take you back?


It should be me putting that sexy smile on your beautiful face

It should be me you think of me when you are lonesome

It should be me who drives you crazy because I give you good loving

It should be me you look at and see a future

It should be me as…as it sucks to always be in her shadows




When I close my eyes and visualize you

I get shivers, a good kind of shivers

I imagine how I love taking my time with you

Exploring every aspect of your body

Over and over and over and over again!

I can feel your taste on my lips

and the urge I usually get to pull you closer

My oh my the things you make me feel


I run my hands softly on your beautiful face

and outline your succulent lips

as I whisper in your ears how much I want you

You moan gently in agreement, making me want  you more

I bite your neck gently just the way you like

and lick you slowly down to your plum breasts


My heart beats faster as I put your nipple in my mouth

While I rub the other with my hand

Then I play with the other with my tongue

and you reward me with a whimper of pleasure

I continue my exploration down to your stomach

By now you are practically nudging me to go lower

But I tease you longer making you beg even more


I kiss the insides of your thighs

and circle around your beautiful flower

I can tell you’d missed me as you are already wet…I like that

When I finally run my tongue up and down inside you

You can’t help but cry out and dig your nails into me


I bury my tongue dipper…damn you taste so good

I continue licking following your body’s rhythm

but always stopping when you are almost there

you beg me not to stop

and when I finally drive you to the edge

You cum so hard it hurts

and I hold you tight till your body stops trembling

and we start all over again



Every little inch of me knows
It knows that you are wrong for me
Every second that passes by
My soul begs me to run
But why do I STAY?

Maybe, Maybe it’s how you say my name
Maybe it is how you hold me close
Maybe it is how you smile, Oh how I love that smile
It always reassures me that everything will be okay
Maybe it is your beautiful face or how you laugh
Maybe, just maybe it’s how you look at me

Every morning when I wake up
and sigh as there’s no msg from you in my phone
Every sunset when I cry myself to sleep
Because you couldn’t spare a minute to ring me
Or because you have too many priorities and I’m just an option

Every time you call me baby
and I wonder if you call her that too
Or how many claim to have your affection

Maybe, maybe it’s the sound of your voice
Maybe it’s how you hate it when I pick from your plate
Maybe it’s how you bite your lips when you look at me
Maybe it’s how you make love to me
like nothing or no one else matters but just the two of us in that moment
Or how you cuddle me all night
as if terrified of losing me if you let go



When you are tired, I love to cuddle you tight and rub your back

While gently stroking your head as I hum a lullaby;

We don’t have to make conversation

As being in each others arms, our bodies do all the talking


When you fall asleep, I like to watch your pretty face

I love the rhythm of which your chest rises and falls

I love how you hold me even tighter when you get startled while dreaming

Or how you give me butterfly kisses in the middle of the night 


When you are away from me, I close my eyes so I can feel you near

I can taste your soft luscious lips on mine

I can recall the feeling of your skin against mine, gives me shivers all the time

I can smell you on me and feel your warm breath against my cheek

Reading all this you will probably say I’m crazy…well

I’m crazy about you baby