Since I came to the UK, there is one question people ask and I am still trying to find a more appropriate and polite way to answer them.

images53 countries and nearly 2000 languages so no AFRICA is not a country nor is it a language.

“So Brenda, do you speak AFRICAN?” , they always ask. Seriously? Are you fucking kidding me with this shit? Who the hell speaks African? I was never a history class lover but I at least know that Africa is a frigging continent and not a country. Luckily some already know that and they cockily ask if i speak Kenyan instead!!! OH DEAR

Sometimes I find it hilarious and sometimes it pisses me off without a doubt. Kenyans do not speak Kenyan nor do they speak African; none of these two is a language.  They speak their own different mother tongues, not all actually as some find mother tongue too ‘archaic’, they speak Swahili and English which are both the National languages so yeah we can actually speak the queen’s language even though we may sound ‘funny’ to you.

You should see the way my friend beams when he tells me how much he thinks my accent is cute. Whenever he tells me this, I smile with a coy and remind him how LUDICROUS I find his.

We are all different and unique in our own ways and it never helps when we stupidly group people because we think we know better. My English friend has still not gotten over the ‘amazing’ facts that as much we are black, we actually come from different regions and that we do not speak one language nor eat the same foods as he had postulated.If you do not know, ask politely – we do not bite…much