I have no idea why of all the girls that you could possibly have

Why you chose me

You say you see the beauty in me

A beauty that surpasses my physique

A beauty that entices both your intellect and body

and that my eyes show you a future

A future you’d do anything to be part of


To you I am the poem and not the poet

and with no doubt that is a priceless feeling

A feeling that puts a smile on my lips

You love it when I smile

Makes everything feel warmer and brighter you say

A feeling that makes it worthwhile to face life’s trials

Because I know you are there to make it all better

A feeling that makes my insides burn with passion

A passion that can only be quenched by you


I remember when all I could think of was pain

A pain that always cut right through me

Deep enough to make my heart bleed

But never deep enough to put me out of my misery

A pain that tore me everyday like it was on a timer

A pain that grew to be part of me

A part of me that died because of all the numbness

But you, you make me feel alive again


I can’t promise you a lifetime

I have come to know too well that forever never lasts

And so I can promise to love you with all that I am

For as long as life permits me

A love so strong because you deserve that and more

A love that will hopefully thrive

and when the time comes

A love that will hold our little family together

A love that will bind us for eternity



Whenever a memory of you crosses my mind

Normally I just close my eyes really tight and push you to the back of my head

And When I can still hear you voice echoing somewhere in my head

Normally I just turn the volume up and drown it

but tonight nothing seems to work

as I have been seeing you in almost everything around me

and the songs in the radio just keep reminding me of the times we had

and so I buried my head in the pillow with tears but that made it worse

because it was your side of the bed and the pillow still smelled of you


I reached for my phone

Maybe to call my best friend and pour my heart to her

Maybe to call you with hope that you still cared

and then I saw all the pictures and videos

You looked so perfect…we looked so happy




There was a time I cherished these memories

But I do not want them anymore

I can’t take the pain they cause me everyday

I am all out of strength to fight you

and I can’t put up a fight anymore

So if you want to tear me apart – go ahead

If you want to crash me over and over – by all means please do

You will be doing me a favour

Because this pain gets worse with every passing second

and no amount of morphine seems to help

so please save me…break me

Break me even more



I  get lost in your beautiful eyes…

The way you look at me with so much tenderness and hope

Makes my heart swell with happiness

How is it that I was so lucky to have found you?

How is it that someone so stunning like you

would love everything about me?



It doesn’t bother you that I am broken

You kiss my wounds everyday

“To make it all better”,  you say

and then you bite your lower lip

and remind me how perfect I am for keeps


I want nothing more than to make you as happy as you make me

The sound of your laughter reminds me

How I want to hold you tight and never let go

and for this christmas season

I want to share every moment with your beautiful self



We can slow dance under the moonlight

To nothing but the sound of our hearts in sync

And I will make sure you are under the mistletoe

So I can kiss you so passionately

and tell you how perfect you are for me



It’s frustrating the effect you have on me

Why do you make me feel so lost

Even when I know where am heading to

Why do you make me feel so confused

Even though I know what I am supposed to do

You make me feel like screaming till am hoarse

but at the same time long to whisper sweet words to you


It’s annoying how you make me needy

Why do you make me want you so bad

Even though I know we are bad for each other

Why do you make me crave for your touch

Oh just the thought of your soft hands all over me is tormenting

and your kisses…

I’ll be damned if your sensuous lips didn’t drive me crazy




You are the best craziest thing that has ever happened to me

You might not be perfect but you are more than amazing

You are different and absolutely stunning

And it might take you forever to know these things

But my dear are my weakness



I just needed to hear you say it

I needed to hear you say

how you didn’t need me anymore

I needed to hear you say

that you have far more important things to deal with than me

I needed to hear you say

how you couldn’t be bothered to try harder anymore

I needed to hear you say

how much you thought i demanded for more than you could offer

I just needed to hear you say how i got it bad

I really needed you to be mean to me

so I could walk away without a doubt

I needed you to crash any glimpse of hope I had

so I could get it through my thick head

that it was over or it was never meant to be

I needed to hear you say how you thought

I will never be good enough in a million years

I needed you to make me feel ugly and unworthy

so I could bury my face in my hands and cry a river




I really needed to feel excruciating pain

as my heart broke into tiny million pieces

I only wanted you to make it clear to me

that you will always choose her or something else over me

I wanted you to call me clingy and needy

so I could be forced to let go

I wanted you to make me feel like a means to an end

nothing more than just your play thing

I wanted you to tell me how everything was in my head

and that I should com back to reality

I only wanted you to cut me open

and let me bleed out slowly…painfully





Don’t get me wrong

I never enjoyed any of it

In truth, every mean word you uttered crippled me

your meanness tore my soul apart

but your cruelty helped me

It helped me pack my bags and walk away



1327-bob-marley-on-how-to-love-a-woman        tumblr_mqfg5w4BtZ1r3wfjio1_500

Have you ever loved a woman…

Have you ever loved a woman till nothing else matters

Have you ever loved a woman

who makes your world look so beautiful

till sadness becomes a thing of the past

Have you ever loved a woman whose smile brightens every corner

You can’t help but shed a tear of joy every time you think of her




The pain you feel when you are fighting threatens to break you

The joy you feel when you see her makes you think you can fly

The emptiness you feel when she is away is lonesome

The desire you feel when you think of her is out of this world

The need you get to protect her comes naturally

The want you feel to take care of her every need she has is insurmountable

The feeling you get when she is in your arms is indescribable




You talk about her all the time as you can’t help it

You wish she were next to you every moment

You call out her name even when she isn’t around

You sigh when you can smell her on you

You reach out to her in bed even though she isn’t there

You dream of a better future because you know she will be in it

Because that’s how it feels to love a woman


love animation wallpaper-yKeR

I don’t know who you are

But it doesn’t really matter

I don’t know where you are going

But I really don’t care

As long as you take me away

Far, FAR away from here

While you are at it

Please don’t make any pit stops

Till we are far away

As I don’t want to think of any memories I made in this town

I just need you to make it stop

Please, please, please make it stop

I have no idea how much longer I can hold on

The pain is too much I cannot withstand it

It hurts so bad that it forces me to my knees

If I could, I would pull this heart right out

Because It not only hurts so much

But it also hurts with every breathe I take

And if you can’t make it stop

At least help me forget