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Love’s journey




She met him at a time in her life when she was feeling lost, when every turn she took led her to a world of more misery and more pain and all she wanted, all she hoped for was an abrupt end to it all. She would wander in the town after work, pitch black and cold to the bone looking for a sign or perhaps someone or something to make it all better.

She would look at the happy faces, clutching onto each other, looking into each other’s eyes with fascination, giving themselves over wholly while laughing like children during Christmas and she would weep. She would weep for the love she had given but never truly received, she would weep for the wishes lost on wishing stars and Santa, she would weep for the sickening emptiness that dragged her feet along every day, she would weep for her naive trusting self and the many broken pieces that were once a heart.

Solitude was her best friend; it afforded her the comfort of not allowing anyone to betray her. Music was the bridge across the walls she had built but heartbreaking ballads and sonnets ensured that she never walked across it, that and pouring her sadness into scribbling verse after verse of poetry nearly as dark as Edgar Allan Poe.

Routine kept her sane and she stayed clear of anything that elicited any other emotion other than melancholy and so it surprised her when she started looking forward to the visits of the sexy Spanish man in a black scarf at the cafe. Every time the bell rang after 4pm she would quickly glance at the door hoping to see him walk in. He would run his hand through his beautiful hair while flashing his perfect teeth in a smile that warmed her heart then proceed like a thoroughbred stallion towards his friends. In her eyes he was simply magnificent.

She wasn’t a beauty queen, hell she wasn’t anything special and so it surprised her when two years down the line he still looked at her, eyes full of fascination. She didn’t have much to offer but he wasn’t just looking to take but to give too and this helped her blossom. She was lost when she met him but he ensured that she remembered how wonderful it felt to be truly, deeply, madly loved.



She sat there
Cross legged
With nothing but his shirt on
The sleeves folded as they were way too big for her
A few front buttons undone
her hair held up in a clumsy bun
and a cup of fresh sweet smelling coffee
that he had just made for her

She sat there
Lost in thought
Wondering why he had to be so handsome
Why he had to be so nice and so irresistible
Sooner or later she knew whatever this was had to be stopped
She knew better than to fall too hard
Once bitten twice shy


Love was a luxury she couldn’t afford
So she did what she did best
She ran…
She ran so fast she could feel the wind drying her tears
She could hear him running after her
Shouting, pleading with her to stop
But the more he cried out for her
The faster she ran so she could drown his voice


She didn’t dare look back
She knew she couldn’t bear the look on his face
He had talked about the future many a times
He had everything figured out
From where they would grow old together
to names of the beautiful kids they would raise
But he had forgotten one bit of the puzzle


He had forgotten
that people like her didn’t know how to love
People like her didn’t know how to settle down
People like her were too broken to let anyone in
People like her didn’t believe in fairy tales
Happy ever afters always led to heartbreaks
and sadly she couldn’t survive through one more


“Let it be real…let it be real…please let him be real”

I remember saying those words with my eyes tightly shut

My hands clasped together till they hurt

and my heart beating like a race

then I saw your perfectly radiant face

with a smirk that made my heart swell

and a face that assured me that everything will be well


Still baffles me how we got along like two old souls

dancing away in the darkest moonlight like owls

With nothing to worry about but that precise moment, in which we were all that mattered


I am not certain of what will become of you and I

But when we lie down and I can hear and feel your heart beat against mine

together in sync like beats to a song that only you and I know

In that moment, that elusive moment I am certain that You..you are all I need


When I look at you I see possibities

Even though I have no expectations

Even though I will never be what you lost as I can never be her

I do not plan on making you pay for past mistakes either

For I want to experience the story of you and I

One step at a time

Because when I picture myself happy..it is always with you



I  get lost in your beautiful eyes…

The way you look at me with so much tenderness and hope

Makes my heart swell with happiness

How is it that I was so lucky to have found you?

How is it that someone so stunning like you

would love everything about me?



It doesn’t bother you that I am broken

You kiss my wounds everyday

“To make it all better”,  you say

and then you bite your lower lip

and remind me how perfect I am for keeps


I want nothing more than to make you as happy as you make me

The sound of your laughter reminds me

How I want to hold you tight and never let go

and for this christmas season

I want to share every moment with your beautiful self



We can slow dance under the moonlight

To nothing but the sound of our hearts in sync

And I will make sure you are under the mistletoe

So I can kiss you so passionately

and tell you how perfect you are for me



It’s frustrating the effect you have on me

Why do you make me feel so lost

Even when I know where am heading to

Why do you make me feel so confused

Even though I know what I am supposed to do

You make me feel like screaming till am hoarse

but at the same time long to whisper sweet words to you


It’s annoying how you make me needy

Why do you make me want you so bad

Even though I know we are bad for each other

Why do you make me crave for your touch

Oh just the thought of your soft hands all over me is tormenting

and your kisses…

I’ll be damned if your sensuous lips didn’t drive me crazy




You are the best craziest thing that has ever happened to me

You might not be perfect but you are more than amazing

You are different and absolutely stunning

And it might take you forever to know these things

But you..you my dear are my weakness



Have you ever been in love? Have you ever felt like nothing else mattered anyway? Have you ever  felt your heart swell so much with happiness you could feel like you were floating as your feet become lighter and lighter?

Being in love is the best feeling one can ever feel. It is better than orgasm (S) during sex, better than the high of doing drugs, better than the adrenaline rush one gets while driving a sports car at high speed or riding a rollercoaster and even better than the feeling you get when holding a new pair of  #louboutin shoes! When in love the world seems like a better place, no more pain, no more heartbreaks, no more disappointments, no more hunger, no more sickness, no more terrorism, no more unrests like what’s being experienced in Ukraine, a better world for us and our children’s’ children.

When you embrace that one person who not only means the world to you but is also your world, it is like you are the only ones present in that moment. You close your eyes so hard willing for that moment to last a little bit longer. “Just one more minute”, you whisper. One more teeny tiny minute to feel their skin against yours, one more minute to smell their alluring sexy odour on you,  one more minute to taste the strawberry on their lusty chewable lips, one more minute to feel them way deep in your insides until your legs tremble with pleasure, one more minute just one more minute to feel alive.

The problem is that you might end up losing yourself in them but still the look in their eyes when they see you is worth it. Knowing that someone loves you immensely and is terrified of losing you is a pretty scary feeling and you tiptoe around afraid of breaking their heart but go on take a leap of faith – fall in love.